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Civil Society Organizations have and are still supporting and promoting communities to play their roles in their endeavors to bring about social
and economic changes for their livelihoods.

Realising that, the governments sole responsibility is to create enabling environment to its citizen to access the essential human needs; this end has not fully been reached due to poor infrastructure, financial constraint and shortage of experts; hence communities still facing with challenges related to Internet connectivity as a results there is a large number of mobile telephone subscribers but fewer Internet users in Tanzania and hence they are not able to benefit from the Digital Economy.

We believe that; affordable communication service contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and improve the wellbeing of local communities in Tanzania. It is also emphasized that the realization of the delivery of affordable communication services requires a collaborative efforts with many other development partners working together to address challenges such as lack of infrastructure, high cost for bandwidth, high cost for spectrum resources, lack of modern policies, lack of locally generated contents and challenges associated with digital literacy for  most of Internet end-users. It is this belief that has inspired us to form KONDOA COMMUNITY NETWORK (KCN)